About Us

  • Formed in 1986
  • Over 30 years of satellite TV experience
  • Over 40 years of electronics experience

Our aim is to bring tomorrow’s world into today’s environment.To simplify technology for all.

Company History

After years working in the electronics industry, the vision of Sci-Fi author Arthur C. Clark of many Global satellites in geostationary positions bouncing TV signals back to Earth took Keith’s imagination and in 1986 after Training with the London distributor Megasat. Keith installed the first multi satellite system in Maidenhead on behalf of the world famous Knightsbridge store, Harrods.

More specialist work came flowing in and in those days not many were aware of satellite TV.

Sky had one free channel along with Music Box, Sat1 and TV5 on 13° East, CNN was on 27.5° West as were Premiere Movies, Screensport and Mirrorvision. This was about all you got for your £3000.

Prior to Sky coming on 19° analogue, Keith trained the first 150 Sky installation engineers.

Customers have become progressively more demanding with networked CCTV, Sky, Cinema systems and more recently we have connected many internet subscribers in this internet barren village.

Whatever you need help with give us a call.