Professionals in satellite, TV reception since 1986.Our experience has developed with customers’ needs, multi-room CCTV, multi-sat, multi-room viewing, flat screens, surround sound audio and generally new innovative gizmos. The latest being broadband connections for rural areas.

We endeavour to simplify technology. There are wondrous new inventions we help you to make the most of.

We specialize in:

  • Satellite TV
  • Foreign channels (just ask)
  • Sky non standard installs
  • Discreet/concealed install (planning&landlords)
  • Rural multi user high speed broadband
  • CCTV at an affordable price
  • Multi-dwelling single dish IRS
  • All systems set up with Spectrum Analyser
  • All work guaranteed…complete satisfaction.
  • Alternative solutions for everyday problems
  • Computer Network Point to Point wiring
  • Computer Wireless Access point wiring
  • Smart TV & Apple TV
  • Perimeter beams and alarms

Make the most of technology & what’s on offer:

  • 38 years home technology experience
  • 28 years satellite TV experience
  • Personal one to one service with a professional approach

Open your eyes to what’s possible – it’s in your hands, with our help.

Our mission… Plug it in – make it work.